2017-18 Music Department Calendar

 October 25   Marching Band Community Show at RFA Stadium  8:00pm
 October 26   RFA Band Concert (Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, RFAMB) at RFA   7:00pm
 November 17 & 18  Area All State  TBA
 November 29   Strough Winter Concert #1 (Instrumental) at RFA  7:00pm
 December 5  Strough Winter Concert #2 (Choral) at RFA   7:00pm
 December 6  Gansevoort Winter Concert at Gansevoort  6:30pm
 December 7  Joy Winter Concert at Joy  6:30pm
 December 11   Ridge Mills Winter Concert at Ridge Mills   6:30pm
 December 11  Stokes Winter Concert at Stokes  6:30pm
 December 12    Denti Winter Concert at Denti       6:30pm
 December 13  RFA Winter Concert #1 (Instrumental) at RFA  7:00pm
 December 14    RFA Winter Concert #2 (Choral) at RFA  7:00pm
 December 19    Staley Winter Concert at Staley   7:00pm
 December 20  Bellamy Winter Concert at Bellamy   6:30pm
 January 6       R.F.A Student and Alumni Cabaret at RFA   7:30pm
 January 10       Junior High All-County Auditions at Whitesboro  
 January 11   
 Junior High All-County Audition Snow Date  
 January 19      Show Choir Festival at RFA   7:30pm
 January 26     Celebrate the Arts Faculty Music and Art Showcase   7:00pm
 February 9 & 10   Strough Musical at RFA          7:00pm
 March 1   All-City Choral Festival at RFA      7:00pm
 March 5     All-City Choral Festival Snow Date  
 March 6   All-City Band Rehearsal at RFA  
 March 7      All-City Band Festival at RFA        7:00pm
 March 8         All-City Band Festival Snow Date  
 March 14      RFA Pops Concert at RFA (All RFA Ensembles)    7:00pm
 March 16 & 17   
 Junior High All-County Festival at Whitesboro  
 March 23     A Cappella Showcase at RFA       7:00pm
 March 29   Gansevoort Idol at Gansevoort  
 April 12, 13, 14   RFA Musical at RFA         7:30pm
 April 13 & 14    Elementary All-County  
 April 17  Strolling Strings Tea at RFA  7:00pm
 April 18     Staley Singers at Staley        7:00pm
 May 9         Strough Spring Concert #1 (Instrumental) at RFA     7:00pm
 May 15   Staley Spring Concert #1 at Staley    7:00pm
 May 17  Ridge Mills & Stokes Concerts (Grades 5 and 6)   6:30pm   
 May 22      Gansevoort & Denti Concerts (Grades 5 and 6)     6:30pm     
 May 23           Strough Spring Concert #2 (Choral) at RFA        7:00pm
 June 5    RFA Spring Concert #1 (Instrumental) at RFA      7:00pm
 June 6    Bellamy & Joy Concerts (Grades 5 and 6)      6:30pm
 June 7      RFA Spring Concert #2 (Choral) at RFA           7:00pm


April 13 & 14    
April 13 & 14    
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