Rome Free Academy competes and is a member of Section III of the New York State Public High School Athletic Association. Rome is a Class AA based on the average attendance of boys and girls for the year preceding. In order to participate in interscholastic competition a student should meet the following criteria:

  • Be a bona-fide high school student in regular attendance in grades 9,10,11,12

  • Must be taking at least four subjects including physical education.

  • Be between the ages of 14 and 19 inclusive AGE ELIGIBILITY

  • Have an approval of parent(s)/guardian and school doctor

  • Be enrolled during the first 15 days of the current semester or two weeks after transferring from another school.

  • May compete for only four seasons in any one sport unless exceptional status in 8th grade.

  • Be familiar with the rules of the game and the standards of sportsmanship

  • Must be in compliance with The Rome City School Districts Academic policy.

  •  Behavior of an Athlete-Off Field

  • In the belief that good sportsmanship is essential for all Rome student-athletes, students and spectators, the following guides for conduct are suggested as a means of continuing and strengthening the ties that exist between competing schools.

  • Cheering for our players is appropriate.

  • Do not act as a distraction at a contest that could come back to have a negative impact on our players.


  • Conduct of Student-Athletes as a Representative of this School District

  •  Student-athletes represent this district (or Section III when involved in post season play), the school and their team during home contest as well as when a guest at another school and are expected to abide by all behavioral rules/expectations as if in school.

  • When on a trip, students are responsible for their behavior (including meetings, play assignments and curfews) as if in school from the time the team departs school until the group returns (24 hours a day) Individual student-athletes may be released to their own parents at the conclusion of the event, with prior approval from the athletic director and coach for the purpose of (educational, religious and or academic purposes) including Music, Dance, Art or any other extra curricular activity that is part of the academic rating for the class.


  • Sportsmanship-Basic Philosophy

  •  Visiting team members, officials, students and spectators are guests to be accorded all them courtesy and consideration that a friendly, well mannered and well intention host would normally give. Verbal abuse of opposing athletes or officials by team members, spectators and or coaches will not be tolerated and shall be considered unsportsmanlike conduct. It shall be the responsibility of authorized school personnel to attending games, either at home or away; to make sure students from their school conduct themselves appropriately.

  • Officials are the proper authorities to make decisions regarding rules and their interpretations and these decisions should be accepted.


  • Under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should students be penalized for failure to attend activities when schools are closed even when special permission to proceed has been granted.



Be positive and direct all energies to encouraging your team.

Demonstrate self-control and respect for others at all times.

Respect the integrity and judgement of the of cials and coaches.

Do not use crude or abusive language with players, opponents, of cials or spectators, (ethnic and/or racial comments).

Promote good sportsmanship by setting a positive example.

Approach competition as a healthy and constructive exercise, not as a life and death struggle that requires victory at any price.

Recognize that the participants in individual or team sports are young men and women with human frailties and limitations who are capable of making mistakes.

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