Mrs. Luczak's Kindergarten Career Series

Mrs. Luczak's Kindergarten Career Series
Posted on 08/30/2018
One week countdown ONE WEEK COUNTDOWN! 

School officially starts in ONE WEEK! We saved a special story to get families excited about the new year. The District has a lot of great things happening. We can't wait to see and share all the new year has to offer!

It’s never too early for students to start looking to their future. Every year, Stokes Kindergarten teacher Kim Luczak does a unit on careers. She takes her students on a series of local career based field trips. The students are able to see first-hand what it is like to work in a wide range of careers. The trips are all local, allowing the students to explore what our area has to offer. At the end of the year, students participate in a career fair where they choose their ideal career.

Mrs. Luczak does not mess around, this year the students went on SEVEN field trips, each one incorporating multiple careers, experiences and of course, food! Each morning with the help of Mrs. Luczak and her teacher assistant Mrs.Costello, the students gear up in their matching Stokes shirts and get ready for an action-packed day.

Something we know about Mrs. Luczak after joining her on some of these trips: She does everything to the absolute FULLEST for her students. Singing a song about the weather? Not without handmade sunshine hats and suns on a stick. Doing the pledge of allegiance? Don’t forget your full flag ensemble. These are two examples from just ONE trip. The students visited WKTV-meeting the staff, touring the studio, and recording two segments that would later be live on the air!

WKTV wasn’t the only spot students got a taste of stardom. They also visited and were featured on Big Frog 104. They got the grand tour, met the DJs of each radio station and did two special recordings. Students recorded a song that was played on the radio and a video for their moms on Mother’s Day. They told the camera what they loved most about mom, and this was later shown at their Mother’s Day show. The same Mother’s Day Show Mrs. Luczak coordinated, choreographed, and provided mothers and guardians matching t-shirts (everything to the fullest).

If you happen to see an adorable group of Kindergarteners on an Uvanni Motors commercial, that is Mrs.Luczak’s class! Uvanni Motors and Rome Collision gave students an idea of all aspects of the car business- buying, selling, advertising and fixing. From buying a car from the auction to starring in their commercial, the students got the full feel of a career at a car dealership.

Students had double opportunities to make the perfect catch. On one stop they traveled to Bass Pro Shops where they picnic-ed in front of a giant fish tank, toured, did crafts, fished and went home with Bass Pro souvenir goodie bags. One another trip, students visited Sylvan Beach with their dads in honor of Father’s Day. They fished at the pier and hit the rides at the amusement park.

From fish to horses, students got a look into multiple animal oriented careers. Their trip to Vernon Downs involved visiting the stables, watching the horse race on the track, visiting the stable, feeding the horses and visiting the Blacksmith Shop!

No matter what career you end up in, reading is always important. Whether you take up a career as a librarian or you need to learn about other careers, the library is a useful place to visit. The students visited Jervis library for some story time and went home with a book to keep.

Tops, Dippin Donuts, Tractor Supply and The Franklin. Sure, students may visit these locations with their families- but not like this. Each location took the children under their wing, showing them all the ins and outs of their jobs. At Tops, students stopped at each department and spoke to the pros. From produce to the bakery, the workers described their daily routines and talked about the nature of their jobs (often giving out free samples!). After exploring the different departments, they were able to check out the life of the cashier- scanning, counting money and bagging products. They left with some delicious cupcakes, a bag full of treats and a whole lot of knowledge about life as a grocery store employee.

Dippin Donuts took the kids backstage where the magic happens, showing them how they make the frosting so delicious and those donuts so soft. They ran through the donut making process and scored a donut for home.

Tractor Supply happened to be in their prime season for a visit- baby chick time! The students visited the chicks and toured the aisles learning about all the different products they stock and sell.

After all the discovering, the students worked up an appetite and headed over to The Franklin. They enjoyed some lunch and got a special visit from the owner, getting a glimpse into what it’s like in the restaurant biz.

Students slipped into the shoes of a train conductor, visiting the Utica train station. On this trip, they had double the fun as they were joined by Mrs. Tagliaferri’s Kindergarten class. They were able to tour the train station and hop on for a scenic route. For a lot of the children, this was their first time ever on a train! Not only were they able to learn about life working in the train station, but they got to cross off a memorable first-time experience with their classmates. After all the fun they worked up an appetite and headed over to Unos Chicago Grill for some deep dish pizza.

Another restaurant visited during their adventures was Zebbs. The children enjoyed a delicious lunch followed by a tour of the kitchen and bakery where they learned the process of placing an order. While in the kitchen they met the cooks and waitresses and learned about their duties, they watched as they turned potatoes into their famous fries. Students observed how their favorite flavor milkshakes were made, toured the bakery and left with some infamous Zebb’s chocolate chip cookies.

Two extra sweet stops throughout the field trips were Nicky Doodles and Sweet Frog. There is no party like a yogurt party, especially one with “Scoop” the frog! They toured and learned all about how that sweet stuff is made!

After the students learned about so many different careers, they had a decision to make. What do I want to be when I grow up!? A career fair was held where the students chose a career and created a display and costume. Families, other classrooms, and teachers were invited to check out their choices. Another special guest at the career fair was Mayor of Rome Jackie Izzo. She told the students what it was like to be mayor, and admired their projects.

These trips are a great way to teach students because they form lasting memories. Experiences like these help plant seeds for the future and are likely something students will still remember when the time comes to make that difficult decision of what they want to be. Thank you, Mrs. Luczak, for allowing us to enjoy these trips with you, and for being a teacher who goes above and beyond for her students.
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