Stokes Students Top Sellers Earn Principal of the Day

Stokes Students Top Sellers Earn Principal of the Day
Posted on 04/06/2018

by Shannon Eddy

Kaleigh and Daniel are two fortunate 5
th graders at Stokes Elementary who had the unique chance to be the principal of the day! They were able to take on the role of Stokes principal, Mrs. Miller. They earned the opportunity by being the top earners for the Gertrude Hawk and Utica Coffee Fundraiser.
The fundraiser was held to raise money towards the upcoming 5
th grade trip to Niagara Falls this May! Originally the prize was supposed to be for one student, but they came so close in their earnings that both students were able to participate in their own special day. Kaleigh and Daniel are both students of 5th-grade teacher Mrs. Keating. 
We sat down with Daniel and Kaleigh to get the scoop on their experience as Principal. 

Daniel was first to take his turn on March 21, 2018. He started off with an outline of what had to be accomplished, including the morning announcements. Daniel noticed that the agenda only grew as new and unexpected tasks kept popping up throughout the day. You never know what the day will bring when you are the principal. One thing you can be sure of is you’ll be walking around A LOT. One of many lessons Daniel learned: dress shoes make for sore feet!


Daniel was able to take part in some very important meetings. He got a look at what the teachers do to prepare themselves for lessons. The first-grade teachers had their collaboration meeting in which they were discussing word lines. Word lines are something used to help teach students what types of words should be used to enhance their writing. During the meeting, Daniel contributed words of his own. He also got to be a part of the 5th-grade collaboration meeting. Being a 5th grader, this meant that he was able to get a sneak peek into his own future lesson plans. For both collaboration meetings, Daniel helped Mrs. Miller by getting the teacher’s refreshments.  

The collaboration meetings were not the only on his schedule. Daniel also tackled a calendar meeting, which included some elite guests such as Superintendent, Mr. Blake. Mrs. Miller and Daniel made a trip out to Luigi’s to provide their VIP meeting guests with some pizza. When students and teachers found out Daniel was going to the calendar meeting, they made some suggestions of their own. Some involved an extra month of summer and 2 weeks off for winter break.

Some other activities included talking with safety patrol and the green team, bus monitoring, and attending a party in honor of World Down Syndrome Day.

Throughout his trips in the hallways, Daniel ran into a student who was sitting outside of their classroom upset. He stopped and comforted the upset student, giving them advice on their situation. According to Daniel, being able to help this upset student was the highlight of his day as principal.


When asked his opinions about his day, Daniel said it was “heartwarming”. Daniel explained how during his day he was hugged, complimented, got gifts, and felt cared about. He admitted it was harder and more involved than he thought, but he would want to be a principal in his future!


Kaleigh was principal of the day on March 29, 2018. Kaleigh is no stranger to the education profession, both her parents work in the education field. Following in their footsteps, Kaleigh’s future plans include becoming a teacher.


Like Daniel, Kaleigh started out the day with an outline of her responsibilities and by reading the morning announcements. She read the trivia questions for “The One and Only Ivan” by Katherine Applegate as part of One School, One Book month. The winning students of trivia are able to come to the office and choose a prize.

Kaleigh’s class that day was watching Tarzan, also in honor of One School, One Book month. She was able to participate by watching part of the movie. Something she did not have to participate in with her class that day was their spelling test. The principal doesn’t have to take spelling tests!

Kaleigh made sure the Newspaper Club met their deadline, observed classrooms, wrote notes critiquing the teacher’s performance (good job!), and helped monitor the students in the lunchroom.

When asked about her favorite part of the day, Kaleigh said it was when she got to lead the annual kindergarten spring parade! Kaleigh sported a sign that said “Principal of the Day” and marched down the hallways.

Supportive of her new position as principal, some of Kaleigh’s friends brought her celebratory gifts including grapes, Cheez-its, and most importantly-some homemade slime. 

Kaleigh ended her day thinking she would like to be a principal one day. 
Mrs. Miller was very proud of how both students handled their responsibility as principal of the day. She expressed how they were two perfect candidates!

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