The Power of the Pen

RFA Students Learn The Power of the Pen
Posted on 02/07/2018
Students Learning CalligraphyRFA art students in Megan Anderegg's Studio Art Class are learning about the art of calligraphy. With cursive going to the wayside in so many places and the widespread use of technology, students today may seldom get opportunities to engage in the art of handwriting itself. Inspired by artist and certified master penman Jake Wiedmann, from his TedTalk "Why Write, Penmanship for the 21st century", students were asked to consider the importance of the pen and then try the historic art of dipping pen into the ink to create calligraphy (beautiful writing).

Mrs. Anderegg was first introduced to calligraphy in her 9th-grade art class and later studied it in college. She hopes to provide a unique experience for her students by letting them explore this ancient art form that has transcended time.

Wiedmann offers that the pen is a powerful link to the past and it develops historical, intellectual and creative literacy. Just as with drawing, studies have shown that the tactile movements of doing handwriting engage the brain in many areas. The same was not to be found true with typing. "You see writing captures more than our thoughts, it records our emotions; it even captures our personalities down on paper. We all know the power of a handwritten note." Jake Weidmann.

- Submitted by Mrs. Anderegg

student practicing calligraphy

Mrs. Anderegg

Calligraphy beautiful writing

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