Strough Students Get Eye Opener

Strough Students Get an Eyeopener on Effects of E-Cigarette Vapor on Living Cells
Posted on 02/14/2020

Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine has developed a new learning module for classrooms that encourages students to directly test the effects of e-cigarette vapor on living cells. 

Christina Steurrys, Science Teacher at Strough Middle School, and alumna of Cornell, recently read an article about this and what Cornell University was doing to help educate schools. “I was interested in this new learning module and how I could use it in my classroom,” said Steurrys. She requested these free modules for her classroom.  

On Friday, February 14, 2020, middle school students were able to see the difference for themselves as they looked under a microscope. For the activity, the students worked in small groups to examine the effects of e-cigarette vapor on Tetrahymena* The Experiment tested the effects of e-cigarette vapor on live protozoan called Tetrahymena, each group of students had a set up of three tubes containing the cells.

To each tube one of the following will be added:
1. nothing
2. e-cigarette juice that hasn’t been vaporized (final concentration 3.5%)
3. condensed e-cigarette vapor (ECVC) (final concentration 3.5%)
It was an eyeopener for students as they documented their observations seeing the live protozoan moving, then slowing down as the e-cigarette juice was added and finally not moving when the vapor was added.   

Stuerrys said that there will be a discussion with her students about the experiment.

"The kit is available for free and is leveled so there are elementary, middle and high school versions. I rewrote it for my classes and am happy to help anyone who orders it since I’ve been through it now.," said Steurrys.

Scientists have studied the effects of e-cigarette vapor on live human lung cells grown in the lab. Since that’s not possible in a classroom, you will look at the effect of e-cigarette vapor on a live protozoan called Tetrahymena.



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